Maggie, I never had a chance to say thank you to all who assisted in making my op successful,
Best Regards to all the Team who were involved.
It was a divine intervention, I believe, for me to be in Cape Town and could meet the team.
- Mr Ganasen
First, Dr Naidoo, we did not know you at all, but from the moment we met you, we were impressed with your confidence and the clear manner in which you explained everything to us. Apart from your expertise, the way in which you communicated with us (even while on holiday) was amazing. It was such a great source of comfort to us to know that Maarten was in your good hands - first, for the operation, and afterwards, for the follow-up care. We cannot thank you enough for what you did over the holiday period.
- Mr Schoeman
Good morning Eloise hope all is well.

Can you do me a favour please and convey this message to Dr S.R. Naidoo.
I'm righting this message with a great full heart and with much thanks and overflowing joy, just to say thank you for the amazing work you have done.
I have never picture myself pain free. After the operation the pain was instantly gone.
I thank God for what you are doing and I pray that God will continue to bless the work of your hands and increase your knowledge.

The time you put in for each patient, it does not go unnoticed.
I am great full and I really appreciate the work you have done.

God bless you Dr S.R. Naidoo have a blessed day.
Kind regards.
- Marlo
This letter has been a long time coming. I would firstly like to thank DR Naidoo and has team from the bottom of my heart for all that they have done for me during a very difficult period of my life.

I'll try to make the story as short as possible. I fell ill in Cape Town while on a 3 week holiday. I was out with my family and began feeling strange. I eventually started losing consciousness and was rushed to Nl City Hospital by my wife. At the hospital I had a full on seizure and lost complete consciousness.

This is where the story becomes interesting ... I regained consciousness 2 days later and was greeted by Dr. Naidoo. Having no idea what happened to me, Dr. Naidoo explained to me that I was ill and it was discovered that I had a very large brain tumor. At the t ime, I recall not really being shocked, but I now realize that it was because of how the news was broken to me. Dr. Naidoo did not beat around the bush, but was straight to the point and calmly gave me the news concerning my condition. Before I could panic he assured me that I was going to be fine but required surgery. He informed me that he would perform the surgery ASAP.

The days leading up to the surgery were ve ry stressful. I reside in Abu Dhabi there were many documents t hat needed to be submitted in order to get the various approvals from my international Medical Insurance company. Dr. Naidoo was very helpful in this regard as well and I feel that he went way beyond the call of duty in helping us.

On the day before the operation Dr. Naidoo paid me a few visits in hospital, once again ta lking me through the process and some post operation details. I must admit that I obviously cannot remember anything regarding the operation but when I regained consciousness, I was informed t hat it was a huge success. I was in theater for over 9 hours because of the size of the tumor (9.5x5x4). There were no negative effects of the surgery. I also believe that the post operation potential problems were negated because of the wonderful job done by Dr. Naidoo and his team. Even the scar left behind was very neat and many of the nurses who cared for me mentioned that they can't believe how neat Dr. Naidoo worked!

During my recovery process Dr. Naidoo once again did much more than was needed. There was a minor issue that occurred once I was moved post-surgery and Dr. Naidoo who was already off duty and at home was informed about this. Instead of having the doctors on duty take care of me, he left his home and drove back to the hospital to personally check up on me. I feel that not only was this a wonderful show of professionalism but more than that, an awesome show of humanity and kindness. Doctor Naidoo owed me nothing but throughout my time with him I felt as if I was his only patient and if not his only patient, his most important one.

I can go on and on about how wonderful my doctor and my experience was and there are so many other good deeds performed by Dr. Naidoo that I did not even mention, but what I am basically t rying to say in a nutshell is that Dr. Naidoo is a great surgeon and an even more awesome human being. Anyone who has the privilege to be treated by Dr. Naidoo is very lucky and blessed.

Thank you Dr. Naidoo for what you have done for me and I'm sure for many others. May you be blessed and also continue to be a blessing into the future!

- Regards,
Raymond Abrahams


I am a qualified neurosurgeon following my pre- and postgraduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch and currently have private practices at Netcare N1 City, which caters for the northern suburbs of Cape Town and Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital, which caters for the west coast of Cape Town and Western Cape.


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